1978 • R/13+ • 1h 57min • DramaHindiRomance
1.5/5 • 7 / 10 CPMR

Vikas, the son of a successful lawyer, disagrees with his father over his choice of a life partner; and marries his girlfriend Aarti. They enjoy the bliss of marriage, breaking away from the custom of staying with their widower father. Returning home from a date, they encounter a traumatic incident that makes headline news. This incident changes their lives forever. The trauma keeps intruding into their day-to-day lives. When Aarti's mother leaves town to take up a new job, the pressure on Aarti and Vikas brings them into the abyss of despair. Can they crawl out of self-hate and emotional estrangement and rekindle their love?

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2 Reviews
Reviewed by Anjali Pokhrel 1 / 5 1 year ago

Reviewed by Ram khadka 2 / 5 11 months ago

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