Cineflix Prime
Cineflix Prime
2022 • VC- 31 • VRSN - 2.1.4
3/5 • 10 / 10 CPMR

Cineflix Prime is a Nepal OTT Platform for free and subscription-based streaming service for Unlimited Entertainment that allows our members to discover and stream Nepali TV shows, Nepali Live TVs, and Nepali movies without commercials on an internet-connected device.

Naveen Sinchury 1 year ago


Naveen Sinchury 1 year ago

india bata subscription lina ko lagi kasari payment garnu parxa

Cineflix Prime Official 1 year ago

Hello Naveen Sinchur, Inida bata Subscription lina ko lagi App download garera card use garnnu hos. Nepal ma hunuhunxa vani esewa use garnu hos. Thank You.

Anjali Pokhrel 10 months ago

Nice app 🤩

Samir Shrestha 8 months ago

Neplai Auto payment Gateway ne hunu parxa, that will be easy .Hope thjs will be in cominng future update.

6 Reviews
Reviewed by Maya Kumari 5 / 5 1 year ago

Reviewed by Samir Shrestha 5 / 5 8 months ago

Reviewed by meno dó gau Alessandro Alessandro 0 / 5 6 months ago

Reviewed by Mosab Aref Aqel 0 / 5 5 months ago

Reviewed by Ingrid Jesus 5 / 5 1 month ago

Reviewed by Vinit Sahani 3 / 5 1 month ago

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