Husk Husband
Husk Husband
2020 • R/13+ • 37min 28sec • DramaNepali ShortsWatch FreeFamily
1.5/5 • 5.6 / 10 CPMR

Sundare and maya married when when ways mad just 16. During their marriage Maya had a number of miscarriages and only two of their children, a daughter and son survive past infancy. After many years of marriage, Sundare and Maya mere happy together. Everyday Maya worked hard, taking care of family, home and farm. One day, Maya’s life turned upside down when Sundare took a second wife. There was nobody for Maya to taIk to, She gets labelled as a broken machine.

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2 Reviews
Reviewed by Alisha Shrestha 3 / 5 11 months ago

Reviewed by Sujita Puri 0 / 5 2 months ago

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