Mr. Jholay
Mr. Jholay
2018 • R/13+ • 2h 18min • DramaRomanceWatch Free
5/5 • 9 / 10 CPMR

Three middle aged childhood friends Purne, Karne and Guna Prasad are still bachelor and want to get married and settled. Purne’s mother want to marry his son with a daughter of a rich villager. The father of the born unlucky girl has announced 1.5 Million rupees for her groom. Karne from the untouchable cast is in one sided love with the same born unlucky girl. Guna Prasad, a public school teacher is unable to express his deep inner love to Karne’s sister. The dreams and desires of each friend bring conflict between them and the drama gone extreme when a hunter tourist make an entry in the village. Their childhood friendship is now on the edge of the sword.

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Macéo LHEZ-MAJORAL 3 months ago


Macéo LHEZ-MAJORAL 3 months ago

tu es qui

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Reviewed by ŚÜjï Irüp 5 / 5 6 months ago

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